Low Maintenance Eco Landscaping

Product: Rubber Tree Rings

Code: ECO- RTR-001

Type: Rubber Tree Tings
Category: Eco products
Materials: Recycled Rubber
Main uses: Low maintenance landscaping, retains water 
                     in drought  protects trees
Sizes: 400mm, 500mm, 600mm Diameter
Colours: Red / Brown, Green, Blue
Durability: Up to 20 years
Fall height: N / A  ( does offer some protection )
Standards: BSEN1177

Eco Rating:   *****

Info: Rubber Tree rings offer low maintenance landscaping by reducing the need for weeding around trees. They also retain water for tree health in times of drought. They are a perfect low maintenance eco product.


rubber tree rings

Product: Rubber Blocks and Cubes

Code: ECO- RLAB-002

Type: Rubber Blocks
Category: Eco products
Materials: Recycled R