Eco Grass Protector

eco grass matting

Eco Grass Protector

Eco Grass Protector is used to protect grassed areas from vehicles and heavy pedestrian traffic.
It protects the grass and the grass sod below, it stops an area turning into mud and prevents cars, trailers, caravans etc from sinking into the ground.

Eco Grass Protector is simply placed over existing grass areas. Eco Grass Protector is an excellent product to use for retaining a natural environment. It allows permanent areas to be created over grass; overflow car parks, caravan parks, sites for  markets, car boot sales etc

It allows temporary areas to be created over grass  for cars, caravans and heavy pedestrian use. Such uses would include parking for Music Festivals, Agricultural Shows, School sports days, Religious gatherings etc.
The grass is cut relatively short first, then the Eco grass protector matting is rolled over the grass area and secured down with pins. As grass grows up through the polyethylene grid it intertwines with the structure of the Eco grass protector. The more the grass intertwines with the mesh, the stronger the combined system becomes.

The open structure of the  eco grass protector matting allow water to pass straight through the ground reinforcing system and into the ground allowing excellent drainage. It is a very cost effective safety surface system.
Eco grass Matting becomes invisible after 5 or 6 weeks of grass growth as the grass grows up through it.