Deck25 FAQs

What is good decking design?

Good Decking design requires a good understanding of what you want to achieve from your decking. 

Good decking design requires you to think about: where does your house catch the most sun, what geometric shape of deck would mirror or enhance your property. Good decking design will use a colour of decking that will contrast with eg the walls of your house and possibly match the colour of your windows or doors. A decking design consideration will be safety: If there are children present you will probably want to surround the deck with a handrail.


Step 1     Define what you want


Example: A simple rectangular shaped deck 5m wide x 4m deep  to the rear of your  house,

You want a skirt around the perimeter to visually finish the deck ( aesthetics)

You  want a handrail around the perimeter of the deck

You want the deck to be a continuation of the  floor in your house to create natural flow.

You want two access points - one to the left close to to the wall of the house and the other dead centre opening out into your garden.


Step 2 Assess the Present situation

Whats there already?

  example:  Half the area to be decked over is presently a concrete path/area

                 The other half of the area to be decked is presently grass

               What is the height difference? bottom of patio doors and concrete path?


You can also create curves with deck25 decking
Deck25 composite decking can be curved on its flat and on its edge.

Unlike timber decking, Deck25 can be curved to a much tighter radius than timber without affecting its strength properties. Curving it on its flat eg for the skirt of a curved deck is very simple and does not require heat. Curving Deck25 on its edge to form curved patterns within the main deck can be done. 

This requires professional expertise, basically it involves heating the boards in a special chamber.  When they are hot, the malleable Deck25 is pinned on a pre-designed rack forcing the Deck25 into the required curved shape. When the Deck25 cools down, it is removed from the rack, the Deck25 will hold its new shape.

This process is time consuming and therefore costly in terms of the labour element. The results however can be exceptional.


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